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"But as the last record, it's still very focused on guitar sounds," he promises.Gonzalez will spend the summer playing select dates in Europe before returning to North America this fall for a cross-country trek.

With a new project called Little Dragon about to release what is easily a contender for album of the year, and a heavy touring schedule with Little Dragon and Jose Gonzalez in the coming months, it looks like jazz’s best kept secret is about to be revealed to the world at large and success is a guarantee.

You grew up in Gotenburg with Christoffer Berg and Andreas Saag both of whom you have collaborated with on projects, most notably with Christoffer on the genre-defining 'Keep You Kimi'.

Does it make it easier working with people that you have grown up with? I think it does, collaborating with people can be a sensitive thing especially if you don’t know the person well enough to say what you like or don't like.

Chrisstoffer and Andreas were good friends of mine and since we had music in common we would help each other out.

Chriss used to live a few blocks away from me in middle school, so I used to go to his house in his attic and sing on his songs. What is it about Gotenburg, and Sweden in general, that has made it such a current fertile ground for music?

It could be because it's relatively cheap to live here.

Young people don't have to hustle to survive, they can easily work a couple of days a week at some cafe and spend the rest of their time making music or rehearsing with a band.

'Summer Sun' by Koop is one of my favourite records ever and of course your voice was the perfect fit to what is a beautiful record.

After ascending to indie rock stardom with his 2005 album, "Veneer," Swedish singer/songwriter Jose Gonzalez will return Sept.

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