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SNAP Interactive initiated the rebrand because it noticed a number of unengaged users.The company’s first priority is attracting them back to the app.

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The new service is called First Met, which parent company Snap Interactive says “reflects the company’s vision for making it easier for single adults to meet new people in a friendly, low-pressure environment.” At first glance, the design of First Met is similar, and the app still uses Facebook as a connection tool.

However, the experience is specifically designed for mobile users, as opposed to AYI’s online service.

AYI launched in 2007, and has since gained about 30 million users worldwide.

While the app attracted a nice user base, rivals like Tinder and the traditional dating sites like Match still cornered the market for attracting new and more active users.

The main changes to the rebranded app were technology enhancements, rather than features or design.

First Met has included Ice Breakers in its rebrand, a popular AYI feature that allowed members to connect with each other more easily.The new app has also unlocked messages to matches, making it possible to send the first message to a match for free.The app is also rebuilt with a streamlined back-end infrastructure, allowing for better performance as well as more frequent updates to address user requests.It is simply erroneous to say in the Basic Review for this site - Date Hook, that it is a site for "young adults". Lots of people on there anywhere from 40's through their 60's, at least that I know of-I don't search past 62, so, possibly many even older. "young" lady , and can vouch to say that there are plenty of people on there a round my age and older than "young adults".I find DHU to be the Best Site to use as a "100% Free Dating Site" as it is very easy to use, has an efficient and fast-to-respond customer support, it gives a lot of features like "winks", emails, add to favorites, gallery of photo search, chatting, notices of singles activities in your area and around your area, a wide mileage search option, a generous character allowance for your profile and a Blog area as well, which can be used to continue your profile, if need be, and, more.

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