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Your ring size corresponds to the inner circumference of a ring band in mm.

Please have your ring size measured at one of our authorized jewellers.

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Every white gold alloy used by Saint Maurice contains palladium which is a metal from the platinum group.

The gold colour achieved by using this component can be described as slightly grey. a fine layer of rhodium is applied for a whiter and much brighter look.

This layer of rhodium can wear off with time and then brings the grey aspect of the genuine white gold back to surface.

The term of 8ct gold, also known as gold 333 describes the gold content in an alloy.

This means a ring in 8ct gold (333) contains 33.3% of pure gold, alloys in 14ct (585) and 18ct (750) have a higher content of pure gold and are therefore more expensive.

Platinum is scarcer than gold and therefore more expensive than fine gold.

Due to its high specific weight and the very high content of pure platinum in the alloy, platinum 950 contains 95% of pure platinum, a platinum ring is the most precious material for a Saint Maurice wedding ring.

Because of the high demand of platinum rings Saint Maurice has decided to offer wedding rings in platinum 600.

This alloy has similar advantages but as a result of the lower platinum content, their price range is more convenient.

Sie planen eine Hochzeit und den Kauf Ihrer Trauringe?

Die Initiative Deutscher Trauring-Manufakturen bietet Ihnen neben Design und Preis wichtige Auswahlkriterien wie: Qualitativ hochwertige Herstellung in Deutschland und damit Schaffung und Erhalt von Arbeitsplätzen, ressourcenschonende Verwendung von Recyclinggold sowie Diamanten aus konfliktfreier Herkunft.

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