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I'm currently in school to become a vet, I'm looking at knee surgery, if that goes well, I will be in the army. I love to do things outdoors, if it lets me dress in jeans and a t-shirt with no make up on and my hair in a ponytail, I'm game. I am recently separated and wanting to get back into dating with someone who finds me attractive as I do them.

Hoping to get to know someone who shares the same interests as I do. I like Documentaries, True Crime, Pathology & Biographies quite a bit.

Someone who is not ashamed to show their affection for me and their commitment to me. I do not use a cell phone, or do Facebook or Instagram things.

I'm not a 'gamer.' I often keep my TV time and 'news' viewing limited.

I enjoy flavored Black Teas, Indian Sandalwood & Patchouli Incense; books on Houdini, the Titanic, & Abe Lincoln or JFK. I'm a dedicated spiritual person, and I do not carry out falsities of ...

I am a very friendly and kind, I am a Medical Professional, I am very humble, good looking and I like reading, traveling and listen to cool music, I am very honest and open minded girl, I am kind, funny and loving lady.

My heart is full of tenderness and passion you will always find me in happiness and disaster,in better and worse,in richer and poorer, I am a very humble and respected lady, i am caring and I like outdoors and indoors activities I can't believe I am going to give this another shot.

But what are the options for people who are WAY over the bar scene? I am a down to earth single dad, take no crap country man.

I am not afraid to get muddy, work hard, and I put family first. I drink a lot of coffee but not for the same reason other folks do, I drink coffee to slow and go to sleep.

The problem seems to be I am not afraid to be totally and 100% HONEST....i want you to know that i did not come here to find a mother for my lil girl, I believe in myself and i enjoy doing all what i do for her taking good care... I am a retired club DJ (15 years) so I have a lot of music.

I prefer Heavy Metal but I can tolerate most everything else.

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