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Inkscape is an illustration editor which has everything needed to create professional-quality computer art.

you can use it to make diagrams and illustrations, technical drawings, web graphics, clip art, icons and logos.

a collection of hands-on tutorials show you how to combine lines, shapes and text of different types and styles to build up a picture.a selection of powerful vector graphics editing tools comes as standard.

there is excellent support for paths, gradients, layers, alpha transparency and text flow control. Also, I've made a few websites using inkscape as the primary software for mockups, they are: (1) (2) more in the future.

an extensive library of filters allow you to apply realistic effects and extensions allow you to work with bitmaps, barcodes and printing marks, amongst other of the common vector formats are supported, including pdf, adobe illustrator and autocad files, and it has unrivalled support for the svg web graphics standard. I am transitioning to Inkscape from Corel DRAW and Inkscape has most of the features I use in the Corel product. This was the only alternative to Adobe Illustrator for me and I do all my private jobs with it as a Graphic Design and Web Design Professional. If you know Illustrator good, then this will be even easier to learn. Take a look and see what possible with inkscape and some skill.

The Extensions menu is super useful, but many of its tools need "live preview" or better controls. I use it almost every day for webdesign work, designing booklets, business cards, and other graphics arts.Until Corel becomes cross platform, Inkscape will be my tool of choice on Linux. I can't believe what I've been able to produce with this program! Meu aplicativo gratuito de desenho vetorial preferido (comparado com o Libre Office Draw e outroas opções online e extensões de navegador). I really love it, I use it for a long time, although I think I've just discovered about 25% of what it knows.Between GIMP and this one, I've been able to make everything from professional logos, class projects, etc. I cannot compare it to Corel Draw & Co, but I see it's more bare-feet than the commercial equivalents. Quick and easy to use, makes creating quick graphics painless. MUST HAVE this one El editor de graficos vectoriales que superó todas mis espectativas.Still, it's very capable and robust, I highly recommend it! I remember Corel Draw for being a quick starting and easy to use program - you have reproduced Corel Draw for linux, thanks! The first steps are bit difficult, but later on you are getting excited by the possibillities of inkscape. Ha reemplazado completamente a las aplicaciones comerciales.Si bien es cierto que no ha llegado a la version 1, no quiero imaginar como será en ese entonces.What I like most about Ink Scape is you don't have to be a professional to be able to use it but still manage to do something very nice. There are, IMHO, two issues: the interface and stability. Inskcape ist kostenlos und ein exzellentes Programm für all jene Menschen, die Corel, Micro Grafix oder ähnliches gewohnt sind.

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