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NEW DELHI: Australia today said it is "cautiously positive" that its free trade agreement with India will be concluded by the end of the year.

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Suckling noted that the two sides are negotiating to ensure a "win-win" agreement.

"We don't want something that doesn't benefit India, obviously we want India to benefit as much as Australia.

These sort of agreements should be two-way streets otherwise they are not fair and people don't like them.

"We are very much focused on a win-win outcome for both countries and we are negotiating in that spirit," he said.

Aimed at promoting cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the agreement recognises India's commitment to the use of nuclear energy with a view to achieve sustainable development and strengthening energy security.

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India and Australia have set a target of concluding the CECA by the end of this year.

The High Commissioner further said that the CECA could provide a strong platform or a springboard for taking the bilateral economic ties to another level.

"We do around Australian dollar (A$) 15 billion (2012-13) of trade with India at the moment but we do A$ 160 billion with China.

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