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(Eric Swayne, M/A/R/C Research) Why Ad Agencies Should Act More Like Tech Startups (Rei Inamoto, AKQA) Your Customers On Video Are Your Biggest Asset (Dana Zemack, Video Genie)Convergence (Austin Convention Center) Beyond Dance Dance Revolution (Laura Kriefman, Guerilla Dance Project) Branded Documentary: Cause Marketing's Best Media?

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Today, SXSW Interactive announces the majority of accepted programming proposals for the 2012 season, many of which were received through the SXSW Panel Picker process.

You can view the list of approximately 600 accepted proposals below organized by the campus where the session is currently scheduled to take place.

We hope that in listing the sessions in this way, you can get a sense of which campuses will most likely be a part of your SXSW 2012 experience.

Utilizing 13 hotels and meeting spaces in downtown Austin, the campus system allows us to place similar kinds of programming in immediate proximity to each other.

If your name or proposal title is on the list below, then congratulations!

SXSW will send you detailed confirmation materials beginning Tuesday, November 1.

If your name or proposal title is not on the list below, look for a followup email from SXSW the week of Tuesday, November 1, with complete information about your options. Featured Sessions (Austin Convention Center) Bruce Sterling Presentation(Futurist and Science Fiction Author) Can Social Platforms Save TV? (Emily Pilloton, Project H Design) Dick Durbs Better Tomorrow (Austin Convention Center) 21st Century Giving: Social Philanthropy’s Rise (Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategy) A Tale of Two City City Hackathons (Mark Headd, Voxeo Labs) An Unusual Arsenal: Tech Tools to Topple a Tyrant (David Gorodyansky, Anchor Free) Austin Browncoats: A journey from fan group to non-profit (Elizabeth Nelson, Austin Browncoats) Be a Design Superhero: Vanquish the Wasted Pretty (Lawrence Swiader, The Natl Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy) - CC Beyond a Thousand Words: Accessible Complex Data (Susann Keohane, IBM) Binary Bitches: Keeping Open Source Open to Women (Andrea Hickerson, Rochester Institute of Technology) Boost Fundraising & Engagement w/ “Gamification” (Frank Barry, Blackbaud) Build.

Additional programming will be announced no later than Monday, December 19, 2011. Simon Cowell Separates Winning Ideas from Rubbish (Ben Silverman, Electus) Computation and Its Impact on the Future (Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram | Alpha) Create More Value Than You Capture (Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media) Design. Community is Easy, Saving the World is Hard (Eric Asche, Legacy) Building a Jewish Presence Through Social Media (Jennifer-Joy Bronk, The Hebrew Free Loan Association of Houston) Building the Next Generation of Innovators (Leah Gutstadt, Time Warner Cable) Celebs & Causes: A Thin Line Btwn #winning & #fail (Noopur Agarwal, MTV Networks) Communities of Transparency: Open Data in Action (Francisca Rojas, Harvard Kennedy School of Government) Creative Energy: Renewing the Fight for Renewables (James Slezak, Purpose) Crossroads of Technology and Humanitarian Action (Julie Whitaker, Doctors Without Borders) Curing a Rage Headache: Internet Drama & Activism (Irin Carmon, Jezebel) Data Visualization for Social Change (Lauren Carmin, Guttmacher Institute) - CC Design for Social Innovation and Public Good (Barbara Brown Wilson, UT Austin Center for Sustainable Development) Detroit Future: a Media Based Economy (Mike Medow, Allied Media Projects) Digital Immortals: Preserving Life Beyond Death (Evan Carroll, The Digital Beyond) Electric Vehicles: What's working? (Benjamin Holland, Rocky Mountain Institute) Flash Is the F Bomb (Aubrey Curry, Blind Eye Design) Free Coffee, Bad Apples, & the Future of Currency (Jonathan Stark, Jonathan Stark Consulting) Guerilla Marketing @ Your Library (Cathleen Ash, Manor New Technology High School) H2uh Oh: New Technology Can Solve Water Scarcity (Jason Sywak, Participant Media) Harnessing the Power of the Benevolent Internet (Dan Mccomas, Reddit Gifts) How Not to Die: Using Tech in a Dictatorship (Mark Belinsky, Digital Democracy) How the i Pad Can Save Accessibility (Marty De Angelo, Digitas Health) How to Raise Awareness through Blogger Outreach (Beverly Robertson, March of Dimes) It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True: Battling Bad Media (Candace Clement, Free Press) Let's Talk Video for Social Change (Mark Horvath, Invisible Liberation Tech - How Geeks Overthrow Governments (Justin Arenstein, Rest of the World Media) Making Stories: Libraries & Community Publishing (amy buckland, Mc Gill University Library) Mother Goose Got Punked: Next Gen Visual Stories (Nancy Farese, Photo Philanthropy) - CC “Oh, I don’t know anything about video games..”: Rethinking Gaming Addiction and Using Games in Psychotherapy (Mike Langlois, Mike Langlois, MSW, LICSW) Philanthropy for Everyone: Community Grantmaking (Nathaniel James, Consultant) PPFA's Crisis Response Integrated Online Strategy (Nakia Hansen, Planned Parenthood Federation of America) Preserving the Creative Culture of the Web (Nick Hasty, Rhizome) Race: Know when to Hold It and when to Fold It (Adria Richards, But Youre Radically Open Cultural Heritage Data on the Web (Jon Voss, We Are What We Do) Reaching Teens on the Digital Streets (Anastasia Goodstein, Inspire USA Foundation ) Read/Write Library: Mapping a City Through Media (Nell Taylor, Chicago Underground Library) Right to be Forgotten: Forgiveness or Censorship?

(Meg Ambrose, The University of Colorado) - CC Size Matters - Why Little Houses Are So Awesome (Jay Schaefer, Tumbleweed Houses) Social Change, Social Media & Social Filmmaking (Meghan Warby, Independent) SXSW Action: Collectively Outsmarting Malaria (Matthew Blumberg, Grid Republic) Tech Superwomen: Mentors and Mentees, FT (Cathryn Posey, Tech By Superwomen) The Future of Access to Digital Broadcast Video (Andrew Kirkpatrick, Adobe Systems Incorporated) The Great Library Swindle: Your Rights Are at Risk (Carson Block, Carson Block LLC ) The Infinite Resource: Growth on a Finite Planet (Ramez Naam, Unbridled Speculation) The Smart Grid is Inseparable from the Internet (Steven Collier, Milsoft Utility Solutions, Inc.) Waste 2.0 – 3 Ways Tech is Making Waste a Resource (Chad Farrell, Recycle Match) What’s Good for the World is Good for the Agency (Pete Spender, Enlighten) Why Cleanweb Will Beat Cleantech (Sunil Paul, Spring Ventures) #Winning! (Jeff Harse, Recycle Bank)Book Readings (Austin Convention Center) 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People (Voices That Matter) (Susan Weinschenk) Digital Impact: The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success (Geoff Ramsey) Discardia: More Life, Less Stuff (Dinah Sanders) How to Remember Anything: A Teach Yourself Guide (Mark Channon) How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything (Dov Seidman) Kill the Company (Lisa Bodell) Likeable Social Media (Dave Kerpen) Material Change: Design Thinking and the Social Entrepreneurship Movement (Eve Blossom) Meaningful Use and Beyond: A Guide for IT Staff in Health Care (Fred Trotter) Oh, the Places You'll End Up Hanging Around!

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