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Recently, given that one of the series’ trademarks is romantic triangles.

Then we decided to be impressed by the gutsiness of the event’s tagline, “Who will you XX with? In hope of helping out unattached gamers, there has also been a is not the poignant story of a young girl discovering how to break free from the shackles of traditional society.

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Because the title was already released and Capcom has shuttered any chance of it being released outside of Japan, as reported by , there is little to no news on it.

The Tokyo Game Show 2016 is happening right now (since it is technically Saturday in Japan at this moment).

Though Capcom is one of the biggest third-party publishers to appear there, for the second year in a row, Sony is dominating especially with all the VR stuff they are showcasing.

I think I speak for all men, and a good number of women as well, when I say we’d appreciate more direct communication in our romantic relationships.

For most of us, there comes a point, usually sometime around when we finish school, where our tolerance for doubletalk and subterfuge from the person we’re dating drops off dramatically.

No one really enjoys playing mind games in their quest for love.

Especially, as some people in Japan are showing, action video games like Capcom’s events are often held in rural areas where there are a dearth of prospective romantic partners.

Recently, though, they’ve started popping up for another frequently lovelorn segment of the population: hardcore anime and video game fans.

Ever since 2008, Monster Hunter has been one of the biggest franchises Capcom has ever developed, though it has a cult appeal outside of Japan.

The fourth installment in the series was featured at Tokyo Game Show 2012.

[Image by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images], the game can only be played in arcades (for the time being) because the cabinet for it consists of locket-like accessories which can be plugged at the right.

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