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The last time we checked in with Kate Hudson, she was coming off a long casual thing with Nick Jonas and wrapping herself around football player J. The half of Diplo that’s “” allegedly got together with Kate Hudson in Ibiza a few weeks ago when he was playing a club and she was vacationing with some friends.

A source tells Us Weekly that Kate Hudson is currently dating DJ and former Twitter troll Diplo.

Kate’s groupie coochie may have gotten nostalgic for that music industry peen, because according to Us Weekly, she’s once again seeing someone with a recording contract.

Us Weekly can’t say for sure when they officially met, but as you can see from the picture above, they’ve been friendly since at least the Met Gala back in May.

Kate’s people haven’t confirmed if she’s doing Diplo.

Diplo’s people, on the other hand, have flat-out denied he’s remixing her business. They even have a “” connection: Kate used to be the face of Ann Taylor, and Diplo once tried to get a butt for Taylor Swift.

Even if Diplo’s people are right and they’re not humping, they really should. In the event they are actually dating, I don’t know why Diplo would want to deny that.

Kate dating Diplo makes so much sense, it’s almost creepy. His last sort-of maybe-relationship eventually took his too-old-for-this ass to Taylor Swift’s metaphorical high school locker hallway.

"The reason I don't talk about anything like that is because I have kids," Hudson said.

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