Is online dating safe article examples of great female online dating profiles

Conducted and in a sense heightening the attraction that was being built in each other.

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As part of this website does deal with the topics surrounding online scams, I thought that I would look at the subject of online dating in this article.

In particular this article will deal with the subject of a safe online dating service.

I find myself asking this question, can one really consider these online dating services to be safe?

Just yesterday I came across an online article originating out of Australia.

The content within this article mentioned the fact that recently three women were scammed out of more than $350,000 total in this online dating scheme concocted by criminals.

One woman alone lost around 0,000 in this deviously hatched plot.

The bogus plot revolved around the use of a real person dying of cancer, his identity stolen without his knowledge.

The scammers lured these innocent women into believing that a fictitious man, (with the stolen identity of the sick victim) was looking for love online. This “guy” knew of a sure-fire business model, (really?

) that would unquestionably make him – and the lucky women willing to support him multi-millionaires and rich beyond their wildest dreams.

And these three women, each individually all fell for this scheme!

As part of the plot the funds foolishly sent by these women ended up in Dubai, the United States and part of Western Africa.

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