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For so long, the brains behind the fight against AIDS have sought a route to reverse a disease that flourishes for so many reasons, ranging from taboos of talking about sex to behaviors that have created high-risk populations whose Russian Roulette-like acts get them infected and then they infect others.

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Is the world now at the next turning point in the history of AIDS?

Is this a moment when AIDS, not countries, becomes crippled? But many also believe new prevention tools and ramped up campaigns to protect newborns and women will help them finally outmaneuver a virus that has killed millions for decades.

“We need to put together all these things more than we have in the past,” said Brian Rettmann, the Tanzanian country coordinator for the US global AIDS program known as PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

“We’ve seen the global epidemic rate come down, but we don’t know what is figuring into that.” ‘The big bang’ Said one of the principal investigators of the Iringa combination prevention trial, Jessie Mbwambo, a researcher at Muhimbili University in Dar es Salaam: “The time for small steps is now over.

by John Donnelly IRINGA, Tanzania – This ridge town is a stopping point for truckers headed to Malawi, Zambia and the Congo, and for migrant farmers on their way to harvest potatoes and tender tea leaves.

Here at this crossroads lies the epicenter of AIDS in Tanzania, an intersection where scientists hope to unlock the secrets of stopping AIDS.In Iringa and in three other sites in Africa, the United States and its African partners will be launching a combination of coordinated HIV prevention tools and strategies in the coming months that will test what President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been telling the world: An AIDS-free generation is now possible because the tools to prevent HIV infection are at hand.No one yet knows whether they are soothsayers or false prophets. Most developing countries are still contributing relatively tiny sums of money.The trials may reveal the way ahead, or they may fall flat and leave the AIDS fight in a state of dangerous limbo. Success could mean more funding; failure could mean less. Off the traffic byways of Iringa, HIV flourishes in the murky and risky world of men looking for sex far from home and women looking to make a living in an economy that offers few options.Still, there is guarded optimism that the scientists will find some success in their prevention trials.Smaller trials have shown the immense promise of various tactics when tried alone, notably the vaccine-like preventative effect on transmission when someone starts taking AIDS drugs, as well as the life-long protection afforded to many due to male circumcision.

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