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DEPARTMENTS48 FACULTY OF ARTS ARABICMajor Activities Arabic Language, being official language of 18 countries, with whom India has very good friendly relations, the Arabic Department pays more attention to the Modern Arabic language and literature so that the students who are graduated from this University may represent before the Arab world a true picture of the Country. Seminars/Conferences attended 41st Session of All India Oriental Conference held at Shri Jagnnath Sanskrit Vishavavidyalaya, Puri, (Orissa) from December, 14-16, 2002. Several books have been purchased to enrich the Departmental Library run under DSA Programme. The faculty members and scholars participated in the seminars, conferences, workshops organized by various Universities and institutions in India and abroad. programme Appointment of Teachers to Higher Assignment Visiting Professorship offered to Dr. The other major thrust area is to bring out the manuscripts and to publish them to show that the Indian Scholars of Arabic language are not behind the Arab Scholars whose mother tongue is Arabic. Two day National Seminar on Classical Arabic Poetry from Pre-Islamic Period to Abbasid period held at University of Mumbai from February, 18-19, 2003. The Department also organized the special lectures by different scholars. Bhikshu Satyapala by the Mahachula longkorn Rajavidyalaya University and Mahapanya Vidyalai, Hat Hai, Bangkok, Thailand.

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This institution has published several Arabic books and known all over the world for its contribution to Arabic Literature.

= 2 Seminars/Conferences held One day National Seminar on " The Arabic Syllabi of Colleges and Universties in India : Problems and Solutions" was held in the Department of Arabic on March, 24, 2003. The Department nourishes true international culture. Most of the Students and Research scholars are from foreign countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Bhutan, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, U. The Department has been able to procure the copy of a rare manuscript of a pali Vyakarana. XXII of the Research Journal `Buddhist Studies' has been published.

The Department is known for the higher learning and research. pali literature and Buddhist Sanskrit Literature so that the students, who are graduated from this University may represent before the academic and intellectual worlds, a true picture of Buddhism and Buddhist Studies.

This Department, as a centre for DSA in Buddhist Studies, is working satisfactorily in the thrust areas fixed by UGC i.e.

programmes have thus been designed with a multicultural approach and a common structure.

(German) - 2 Seminars/Conferences held One Seminar organized on " Literature and Industry: From the Printed Text to the Hypertext" from 27 February, to 01 March, 2003. Vittorini's Symbolic realism in I' Ie Sempione Strizz elocchico al Frejus, and An example of literary analysis on Vittorini's novel Conversazione in Sicilia.

Member of official delegation of Indian Hispanists to visit Region Valladolid, Spain to promote academic exchange and literary studies (Invitation by Chamber of Valladolid). Publications Vibha Maurya publication include: Percepción popular de Espana en la literature India, in India-Espana: sueño y realidad, Madrid, Spain, 2003. Las rutinas de la Mirada mediática in La Cultura Mediática, Valéncia, Spain, 2002, and Teen Speni Natak (Tres Piezas Teatrales de España) de Jacinto Benavente, ed. Sharmishtha Lahiri publication include: Elio Vittorini: His life, major work and culture journalism.

Vibha Maurya attended International Conference " For World equilibrium" 27th - 29th Jan, 2003, Havana Cuba " Construction of new Social Utopia: Comparative Study of Marti and Gandhi" International Conference on Indian Literature, Culture and Cinema " Porticion de la India y Literatura" 9th-15th December, 2002 University of Navarre, Pamplona, Spain. Minni Sawhney attended Vth International Conference on Hispanism and Luso Brazilian Studies: Flashbacks and projections from the Present: A Collage 24th to 26th March, 2003.

09 17Seminars/Conferences held One International conference and 40 weekly seminars held in the department.

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