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I only drink periodically, since I'm on food stamps (as are my roommates).

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Ides Malt Liquor is the brand of choice with the new generation of malt liquor drinkers. Ides compliments the lifestyle of the fast paced, urban, edgy malt liquor drinker of today.

This is an orange and cloudy brew w/ a big fruity noes...

is what I would say if this were an actual adult beverage and not alcoholic Kool Aid.

It seems somewhat less horribly sweet than some of the other beverages in this lineup w/ some interesting foxy grape and floral tones around the edges. pours a hazy gold, small white head, goes away quickly.

Like most passion fruit flavored beverages, it doesnt really taste like passion fruit just sort of non-specifically tropical. Because of Rate Beers partial word search (which I LOVE), I searched for "St. aroma is like a box of runts, but still very sweet. (bottle - 22 oz) Cloudy orange color with almost no head and very light carbonation. Rate Beer is made by beer enthusiasts for the craft beer community.

the whole line of these taste more like a wine cooler with a kick than a beer, but they are malt liquor...sugary sweet...wouldnt be able to pick out any discernable beer qualities. Ides Passion" because I knew it would bring up this listing... taste is much the same with a little CO2 to break it up. the sweetness seems to be quite a bit up front, but fades. Aroma is a mix of orange juice and passion fruit flavors. Taste is sweet with no sign of bitter ale bite, has some malt liquor alky flavor in the background, but just barely. Finish very odd, yes its fruity but I also get this unique lingering feeling like I just ate a bowl of sugar sweetened Cheerios. Your basic membership is free and allows you to read all beer ratings.

then I felt like I was entering some sort of religious moment or a fanatical movie. Overly sweet passion fruit and fake citrus flavors in the taste. Similar to the others from these guys with all the fake, sugary fruit juice concentrate flavors.

weird hazy orange drink color, reminiscent of a really good hefe.

& Alenochka, KIPISH De La Rush, KAS, ANYA, Game Bottle, Lyev, Trey, D-Flame, Jo Bong (st.

Note: The guest book is getting huge, so give it about 60 seconds to load below. He ended the evening by climbing in the pine box with the old hag. I liked the Sanford & Son clip, but I would have enjoyed the one where Fred describes his favorite mixed drink, Champipple, a blend of champagne & Ripple.

Moderators screen all guest book postings to ensure that no spam makes it into our guest book, so your post may take up to two weeks to appear. Ides, as no evaluation of bum wines is complete without it. ve only heard of one person drinking more than one St. I once coached a youth soccer team that I named The Thunderbirds. I'd pull them in before the half and say "What's the word" and the kids would yell "Thunderbird".

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